Weld End Expansion Joints

Weld end type expansion joints comes with various grades of carbon and stainless steel or nickel alloy pipe connections. These pipe connection dimensions can be in accordance with various industry standards or be manufactured specially for your needs. KLINGER Turkey has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to supply custom designed solutions.

This type expansion joints are commonly used at many industries and applications safely. They can be designed in single or universal expansion joint form depending on design conditions.

They are mainly used where pressures are high, welding is not a problem and leakage is of concern. They are more economical than flanged types since flanges are more costly than pipes. Also, no gaskets are needed for connections and they are maintenance free.

weld-end metal expansion joint sample

Advantages of Weld End Expansion Joints

Applications of Weld End Expansion Joints

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Design Values




25 – 1000 (consult our technical department for diffent diameters)

Bellows Material

304, 316, 321

Weld End Material

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Design Pressure

6, 10, 16 barg

Design Temperature


Please consult with our technical department for different working conditions and design parameters.


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