With over 45 years experience in the design and manufacturing expansion joints and also flexible hoses, we are proud of producing high quality, fast and economical solutions with our powerful engineering and manufacturing team utilizing modern technologies. KLINGER Turkey has been a part of KLINGER Company.

At KLINGER Turkey we focus on ensuring plant safety. No matter whether the medium to be transported is fluid or gaseous, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that media remain where they are intended. Fully committed to this approach, our plant safety technology solutions –metal hoses, expansion joints and valves– ensure reliable and safe operation. Without leakages and subsequent harm or material damage. Our mission is to assist in avoiding such incidents through the provision of our innovative and state of the art product range, which is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the respective industries.


With products we offer in domestic and export markets, our main goal is Customer Satisfaction. We achieve this goal by:


We design and manufacture expansion joints and flexible hoses to worldwide industry standards.
Being a part of KLINGER group, social and environmental responsibilities are taken very seriously by KLINGER Turkey and our employees.
We are confident that with our strong team we will continue to grow to be one of the largest expansion joint and flexible hose manufacturers in the world