Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints

This type of expansion joint is an excellent design for large displacements inside buildings. They have an outer cover for protection against external damage to bellows and for aesthetic looks. They also have an inner sleeve for a smooth medium flow internally. 

Standard material of choice for bellows is 316/316L and balance of materials is carbon steel painted in white color. They are also available in all stainless steel form.

They come with threaded connections up to DN65 and socket weld connections over DN65. 

They can be axially pre-set for movements. Inner sleeve minimizes pressure loss and “whistling” due to flow. Installation is easy and quick. Typically one unit is sufficient for a 30 meter high building (about 10 story high residential building).

Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints

Advantages of Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints

Applications of Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints

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Design Values


15 – 100

Bellows Material

304, 316, 321

Balance Material

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Design Pressure

16 barg

Design Temperature


Design Movement

±25 mm

Please consult with our technical department for different working conditions and design parameters.


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