We as KLINGER Turkey, hereby pledge that we design, manufacture and sell metal expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, flexible metal hose and flexible connections for domestic and foreign customers, complying with the following rules and conditions.

  • We pledge that under the strict requirements of our quality policy we will develop our products and services adopting an understanding of superior quality; apply the highest standards at each stage thereof; comply with the pertinent provisions of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard on Quality Management System, and the 2014/68/AB Directive on Pressurized Equipment and; continuously improve all aspects of our quality policy;
  • We will make efforts to ensure that our customers successfully operate in their own markets and, work with our business partners on a mutual trust basis; grow our organization in an efficient manner; and ensure that all the employees at every level of our organization are aware of the importance of all the aspects of the innovation principles by means of creating great solutions for our customers;
  • We will identify the requests and requirements of the customers in line with the changing and developing market conditions and, be an innovative, competitive and leading player in the industries where we operate;
  • We will provide the applicable requirements,
  • We will offer the services in a complete manner at pre-identified times and conditions acting in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • We will operate in line with the pertinent occupational health and safety requirements;
  • We will ensure that our personnel continuously improve themselves by means of offering the respective training activities;
  • We will keep out customers satisfied at the highest level by means of producing fast solutions considering the requests and complaints of our customers;
  • We will increase the level of satisfaction of our stakeholders and employees;
  • We will offer our products and services without compromising the quality adopting the principles of maximum services at minimum costs by means of closely following the current technologies.

All the employees and those newly recruited are trained in respect of the Quality Policy of our company and, encouraged to contribute to the maintenance and continuously improvement of this system.

KP.5.2.e Issue.02  Rev.00
Issue Date: 30.04.2021